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We are the last resource for many that have burned all other bridges for help!!!!
1 We house up to 15 people a day.

2 Bus tickets are given to people to help them get back to family that can give them a hand up.

3 We clothe people from our Hope-Thrift store. This has helped many of them to show up for a job interview looking good.

4 We train people to develop better job skills on a computer, and teach them retail sales.

5 We advertize for the community to hire our guests for day labor. With the help of
good budget counseling, we get them on their feet with enough funds so when they
leave A Ray of Hope they have earned and saved money or first-last month’s rent, de-
posit, and needed household items.

6 Families with children come to us because they are going to lose a place to live. If they are willing to work on a budget and live by it, we will help them stay in their homes if we have the funds. We keep an average of five families in a safe place with
their children.

7 Help people to get their ID'S so they can get a job.

8 We help people get their drivers license as many companies will not hire a person if they do not have a valid driver’s license.

9 We have a Mountain Retreat at no cost for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol problems.

10 We have taken in felons that no one will give a chance to start a new life on the outside. Many of these individuals are now giving back to society instead of
being a draw on the tax base.

11 We take people in under house arrest so they can keep a job and also give to the tax base.

12 Veterans get help for needed medical and mental health issues. Some of these wonderful servants of our country have been with us up to three years.

13 We work to refer them to programs that can help them with a hand up.

14 Sometimes people come in full of body lice. We help get them the meds needed to destroy the lice. Clean clothes and a clean bed restore their self-esteem.

15 We have taken in many people discharged from the hospital that had no place to go to heal.