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    Jennifer's Story

    Have you ever had so many good things happen, falling and tumbling over each other so rapidly that you wanted to just gasp, "STOP!!" This has been the experience of "Jennifer," the mother of five children who has lived with agoraphobia for years. She explained that she struggles with several auto-immune diseases, so can't do physical work to support her family, but hopes to go to school to learn a trade she can do from home.  Her husband had left, she was delinquent on her rent and facing eviction, had no electricity or heat, and no one else to turn to for help, so she called A Ray of Hope.
    Jennifer said, "Peggy just started doing stuff for me, helping us with stuff – First of all my teeth were infected to the point of my face and neck swelling and in so much pain I could not function to get all I need done she called a wonderful dentist who started helping me I did not know at the time I could of died from the infection..  She also talked to (some young Christians)Mountain Peak bible church ………  who enthusiastically  raise money to help pay  some off the rent, which when Peggy told  the landlord she would raise money to help us.  John Buttram let us stay so we were not out in the cold. I had stop talking to him because my husband left and I had no money to pay rent. John's kindness to stop eviction took a lot of pressure off of me. Justin and Amy McKerrow adopted us through A Ray of Hope. Peggy talk to the welfare people and receives permission for myself and my five boys  to move into a two bedroom home. Justin and Amy ,with other young Christians, built bunk beds so we could move into a two bedroom.  I had no money to pay the gas bill so some men from the Ray of Hope brought over electric heaters. When they saw how little I had they partnered with some other Christian people to  outfit the whole house – pots and pans, pictures for the walls to make it a home, rockers, games and a TV/ VCR, with a computer. Then the men from a Ray of hope took my boys out to chop down a tree for Christmas, and the McKerrow's put the toys under the tree. Then a lady was at a Ray of Hope when I told Peggy my power was turned off, she went down to the power company and paid the bill in full and my power was back on. Then two days later, Peggy called to tell me she raised enough to pay up the rent and the gas was paid up and going to be turned on. All of this is a blessing by God!  

      This whirlwind of activity, with strangers bearing gifts streaming in and out of the house culminated Christmas Eve, when A Ray of Hope delivered a full Christmas dinner for the children and very grateful Mom. With tears, Jennifer said she "did not know what they would have done without help from A Ray of Hope."  She concluded by saying she hopes others in the community would see what wonderful things A Ray of Hope does, and step up to help others in her position.