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    Phil's Story

                         The inspiration of Phil Eiseman life change                                                 

                                      From the desk of Peggy

      When Phil came to our door he was struggling with mental health issues and the loss of his family thru a divorce that was overwhelming him with grief and loss. The first time Phil and I sat and talk, he ask me that anytime he had fear and paranoid could he come and talk to me and would I give him the truth of what he was thinking, That started a four year relationship between Phil and A Ray of Hope, In the first six months because he had a spirit of gratitude  he help keep the house and shelter clean, and manage Hope Thrift for a year, until he seen a husband and wife that came to A Ray of Hope for a hand up needed and would do well to manage Hope Thrift so he came to me and said “Peggy I am stepping down so they can be blessed like I have been” and ask if he could be lead person at the shelter. Not only did he become lead person for the shelter but learned to run the front desk so that on the weekend that A Ray of Hope doors are never shut to someone that finds themselves in need of a hand up.  You can see in his follow statement that the key to his success was in a spirit of gratitude for God and A Ray of Hope.

    “My name is Phil Eisenman. I have been staying at A Ray of Hope for some time now. This home is a Godsend. They have helped me considerably. They are working with me on my mental conditions, which are manic depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia.They also have helped me with getting closer to God. I now realize through A Ray Of Hope’s teachings that I was a lost soul. They have helped me as well as many others to pickup the broken pieces of our lives. May they be around forever. I also have one last comment………I love A Ray Of Hope.”

    Thanks to this community Phil is now living in his own place, spending time with his children, and comes back daily to A Ray of Hope to continue to  help others in a hand up in finding their purpose for their lives also. Phil and A Ray of Hope are thankful to each one that donates funds and time to give so many lives a hand up to a way of living in peace and joy in forgiving others and giving back.