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    Hope Thrift

    In operating Hope Thrift with residents giving back two hours of labor a day for living in A Ray of Hope Motto “A HAND UP NOT A HAND OUT”
     The Hope Thrift manager and volunteers give their time to train residents of A Ray of Hope in skills that will help them to be self employed or be a better employee and learn about budgeting expenses. The A Ray of Hope believe that people going all the way through the  A Ray of Hope program, go from attitude to  gratitude, they will then have the experience and training to get a good job,  and some  with strength of character  will end up as staff and reaching back in giving others a Hand Up.

    Your clutter when donated to Hope Thrift helps a neighbor to de-clutter their poor choice in life, that left them homeless and without hope. Your donation of gentle use items help support the work of A Ray of Hope into getting many of your neighbors back on their feet with a Hand up.

    Renee Bergmann Bryant 
    I love this store Its a 1/2 a mile from my house about, and we go there as much as we can, it is cheap and I get bed sheets, blankets, clothes, sewing stuff even got a real solid wood chest of 5 drawers from there, got hubby a computer desk there, maybe we will go on Monday and look around again. The people are so nice and friendly, they help you find something if you cannot find it! Oh and we even got our new house phones too, I can actually hear it ring! The kids clothes are cheap and clean, nice too. They get nice furniture there too. I seen a couch there that I would love to buy, but it’s not a hide a bed and we need one of those! They sell beds too, so been looking for a pillow top bed there too! Wish I could go work/volunteer there or something!!

    Michelle B
    To whom it may concern:
    I have been involved with A Ray of Hope Ministry for the past 12 years.  In that time I have been a board member, accountant, store manager for the thrift store, and recipient of desperately needed help. 
    While serving on the board, I was able to observe firsthand how passionately Bob and Peggy Christensen feel about this ministry.  A desperately needed ministry to the people who do not fit the perfect mold of who society finds glamorous to help.  They take the deeply broken and “unfixable”.  The men and women who are just leaving the half way house with nowhere to go.  The alcoholic whose family has given up all hope on them. The women that  has labeled as “unworthy” to care for.  They have taken in these fellow human beings labeled with the worst stereotype and they just love them.  They find a way to work through each individual’s unique situation. Sometimes it is not easy, and sometimes it does not work, but they leave with a good seed of kindness planted within them, that bears fruit down the road in their lives.
    As accountant I have worked with several bookkeepers and the accountability is always the same.  Every dime has a purpose.  The shoestring budget the shelter runs on puts a halt to frivolous spending.  Medical, dental, legal, and mental health needs are always met for the residents.  Since I see every check that is written and what the money is going to, I feel good about the way the donations are being used I was blessed with the opportunity to manage the thrift store for a year.  In that time I was privileged to work hand in hand with the residents.  Watching them grow in self-confidence realizing  their self-worth by working steady hours, interacting with the public without the judgmental stares, and creating true friendships in the community. There have been many success stories by integrating a working environment with their stay at the shelter. The store also allows another distribution of help through donations from the community.  Several times a week, a needy family would come to the store seeking clothing, house wares, beds, etc.  The people who had a true need were never turned away due to their lack of funds.  If there were able bodied adults seeking assistance, we would ask them to volunteer some time in exchange for the items, keeping with what we stand for:  A hand up not a hand out.  There was great success with this request with most people feeling very go very good about earning their stuff.
    During my years associated with A Ray of Hope, I found myself in need at times.  I always knew I could find the help.  Counseling through a tough divorce, food assistance, and help with my rent and electric bills.  The friendships I have made by being involved are priceless.



    Hope Thrift Store

    105  6th Ave. West

    Kalispell, Montana