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    Mark Roger Thank You Letter

    A Ray of Hope has given me a renewed Hope in the word of God starting  with the Shelter in Kalispell and working with Mandy and then Bob and  Peggy  son brought me to  A Ray of Hope  retreat at Helmville,  in the first bible study Bob and RJ Christensen prayed over me,   they have help me to embrace again the word of God, they work and encourage people to work with metal health, they have given to me a place of Love that I know I can come to and be embrace that I am loved and accepted for who I am. As Peggy Christensen pointed out to me when I told her” thank You”  of all the people that care for me by donating their time and funds to A Ray of Hope , so A Ray of Hope and all the staff can do the work they love to do in giving a hand up to others. So I might never meet all you great people but know I am thankful for a much needed hand up in my life.

    Mark is on the left and Bob is pictured on the right.

    In gratitude
    Thank you,

    Mark Rogers


    New Year Eve Mairacle

    To: Barbara, A Ray of Hope
    From: Stephanie S Walker, MSW
    Dear Friends;
    There are no words adequate to express our gratitude for Ray of Hope’s New Years Eve miracle! I serve as a social worker at KRMC’s OB & NICU. One of our mothers who has a baby in the NICU requested urgently for assistance with rent, utilities and gasoline. The mother has worked so hard over the course of many weeks to be at her infant’s side. The father must work and provide care for their other young children. Despite their best efforts, this wonderful family where overwhelmed.
    On New Year’s Eve three angels: R J, Barbara and Candy at AROH appeared. They immediately prayed with our dear young mother, enveloping her (and myself!) with such unconditional love and glorifying hope. Our three angels immediately contacted her’s, Peggy Christensen via Skype! I was truly amazed! All of the terrible fears were erased by their extra ordinary generosity. We truly were embraced by their circle of love & acceptance. I shall never forget this! A Ray of Hope exemplifies service in a way which no other organization does!
    Stephanie S Walker, MSW


    Because of your love and help, more than 100 of your neighbors who had fallen through the cracks for help were able to stay in a home in 2011. We have also been able to pay utility bills, and get several people on the bus back to their families. And because of your loving hearts, we were also able to provide Christmas for several families that wouldn’t have otherwise had one. We would also like to say a special thanks to all those who have donated their gently used items to our thrift store (Hope Thrift). Without your generous hearts, we would be unable to give a hand up to those in genuine need. We are committed to the belief that men, women and children experiencing homelessness can be successfully housed with a bit of time, stability, and encouragement. We know that close individual advocacy, support and education will greatly benefit them and help ensure them finding a place to call home.
    These are a few words of thanks from the people whose hearts you touch with your donations and kindness.
    Dear Friends,
    My name is Christal, and my husband’s name is Daniel. We have been blessed to be able to volunteer at A Ray Of Hope Thrift Store in Kalispell, Mt. for the last few months. As we volunteered there, not only did we grow to love the store, but also the employees and customers that came through that door. We have truly been blessed to volunteer for such a great store full of love, caring, happiness, and friendliness. We have had some hard times and A Ray of Hope gave us a hand up, helping us in our time of need. This store and home have done so much for people, and it is truly an honor to watch the way they give back to the community. We enjoy the opportunity to give back to them and our community, and can only pray that their caring and dedication to helping others will flourish.
    God Bless,
    Daniel and Christal Haave
    I wanted to thank you so much for everything. I was absolutely floored when I got home from my doctor’s appointment to find not only a table, but presents for the kids and boxes of food. I was in tears. Especially considering you know very little of the background my kids and I came from (escaped).  You have shown me such compassion and understanding. My kids were overjoyed in seeing a table in our bare room! And then to have presents under the tree... oh boy!!! I am beyond words in stating an appropriate thank you. You have truly touched my heart.
    Thank you.  Carissa
     Good morning. Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for everything. Christine wanted me to tell you thanks too. I had another good day yesterday. The cravings for alcohol are getting to be less, and I got a bunch of candy for Christmas that will help me with cravings. I got a bible and a Joyce Meyers book called “Power Thoughts”, but you may already know that. I got more than I ever would have expected, and everything is something I really needed. GOD works in mysterious ways. Gotta love it. I am not sad this year for Christmas.  I don’t remember the last time I was happy for Christmas.
    Thank you for all the prayers. God bless.
    Crystal (sent at 9:28 AM on 12/25/11)
    Dear A Ray of Hope, donors, and patrons,
    My family and I cannot express in the English language the gratitude from our heart.  Truly the work of our Creator is alive and well and He knows that charity is one of the greatest lessons in which to teach us the depths of humility. We are to suppose that this amazing ability to give, that has been pressed upon our souls, will forever assist in defining not only our character but the character of our children to come. We as the Guillemin Family do solemnly ask another favor. It is this: As we bare our souls in prayer according to our gratitude of your blessing unto us, that you accept the words and the spirit felt in your heart at this time.  As you have assisted in our testimony may this be added strength unto yours. Also thanks to Montana C.A.P. and Montana Village in connecting this work.
    Forever Grateful, the Guillemin Family, Dustin Ray, Desire, Heaven Ly, Felicity, Oracle, and Jehovah
    To A Ray of Hope,
    Thank you so much for the help you gave us to fix our heater.
     We thank God there are people like you to help when things get rough.
    The Stocktons

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