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    This new year is one more year of watching and seeing what can happen in the lives of people who are given trust and a home to live in.  A time for getting to know them and understand the cause of their pain that brought them to our door.  Friends needing a hand up to recover, gaining the strength required to return to a world where they can be self-sufficient.  As kind neighbors reach out to touch their lives, it is easy to see that even guests with bad attitudes and hard hearts begin to soften in the hope of recovery.

    As Mark Twain wisely said "Always do right.  This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."  Thank you for being one of those who have astonished many broken people through your kindness to them.  Bob and I recognize with very grateful hearts that A Ray of Hope would not be a place of refuge and hope were it not for all the donations that make it possible to keep A Ray of Hope's doors open to people who have burned all other bridges in their lives as well as those who have fallen through the cracks of any help by no fault of their own.
    We are so thankful to each one of you that has given a hand up to a hurting neighbor.
    Bob and Peggy



    Where does the money come from?

    It comes from churches, business and people in the community, like you, who want to invest in the future of others less fortunate. If you have a Paypal account and would like to donate, please enter the amount and click the "Donate" button.




    A Ray of Hope is dedicated to helping those in our community who need help. No one is ever turned away from our doors in normal circumstances. A Ray of Hope operates under Biblical principles, We seek to minister the love of God in very practical ways to those who need it most. We desire to heal the hurting and provide help for the hopeless. To reflect God's goodness and express His love, is our desire.

    A Ray of Hope is a non-profit trust administered by an independent board of trustees made up of concerned citizens in our community.

    You can contribute to A Ray of Hope through this website, or mailing your tax deductible  gifts to secured Box 5407 Kalispell, Montana 59903

    May God bless you as you help us give the needful a hand up...not a hand out.


    What Does A Ray of Hope Do?

    A Ray of Hope started  in 1999 in a second hand store on Hwy 2 east in Kalispell MT and in no time people began showing up off the streets asking for help and a safe place to sleep. Mattresses were put on the floor, warm food cooked and clothes provided.
    Our ministry has grown into one shelter and a Thrift store.  Our goal is to share God’s love in giving a hand up not a hand out. We work to help our neighbors to break the cycle of Homelessness in the following ways:  We provide shelter; We help keep families with children in their homes, Provide education in computer and retail skills. In our hand up not a hand out motto; they give back hours a day and receive on the job training while self documenting hours worked to acquire job skills and good work ethics. We provide bus tickets to get those who have lost their home safely home to family members who can get them back on their feet. We take in pregnant  women off the streets until they can be provided a safe home. We have a Mountain Retreat offered at no cost to those coming off drugs and alcohol to spend time in an intense 12 step program.
     A Thrift store to provide needed clothing and house hold items for people who have lost everything sometimes due to their own poor choice or to fire and other issues they had not control over such as a husband and father waking up one morning and putting his family on the streets while he leaves with anything of value. Taking mental health people and giving them a place to live as they stabilize.

    Who is A Ray of Hope?

    A Ray of Hope is made up of your friends and neighbors, and we hope you will join us too. Every penny goes where it's needed, not in somebody's pocket or a corporate overhead. All benefits go to the Montana community.


    What about other groups that do the same thing?

    The need is far greater than the resources, just look around you. The need is readily apparent. To even make a dent in the needs around us it will take a cooperative effort, composed of government and private agencies, law enforcement and churches.

    Society has shifted the burden of these needs back to local communities and churches. A Ray of Hope exists totally to serve these needs. As more and more people come our way our need of funds, friends, and other resources grows.

    A Ray of Hope operates simply and without fanfare and it needs your help to continue providing these vital services to our community.

    Please call (406) 755-4673 or check us out at 46th 5th Ave W.