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Kraig's Heart Change

I have been a volunteer at A Ray of Hope for 14 years and it has been an important part of my life. Even though everyone around me loved Jesus, I was a professed    atheist. 

I was diagnosed with cancer on the August 6, 2023. I spent over a month in the hospital.  My son Branden had called me on August 9, 2023. He said to me; “I am sorry Dad, goodbye”. He had joined the U.S. Army and he became a Sergeant. He served in the cavalry in Iraq. He had been a good soldier. I was so proud of him. He had felt compelled to become a soldier, as I had been a soldier. However, my son had seen something in Iraq that affected him. He never recovered; a high percent of soldiers serving in combat situations become alcoholic, like my son. I am still grieving his death.                                    

I lacked hope and I became despondent and depressed.    I contemplated suicide.  You never forget once you are faced with such darkness. I felt that only God can bring back light and hope into your life.                                                                     

I recently returned to A Ray of Hope to volunteer again.  I was sharing my life with Rachelle and she asked me if I wanted to give my heart to Jesus.  Dave and I prayed the prayer of Salvation, I accepted Jesus into my life at A Ray of Hope. I had never been a religious person and I cried tears of joy and shame.  A Ray of Hope has again given me another chance to be useful again. I feel that there is light and hope in my life again.                                                                                                                                                 

Sincerely, Kraig Eby


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