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March 2022 From the Desk of Dave

The last two months I have been talking about the subject of, “What kind of God are you looking for?” This month we’ll look at what kind of God do we have!

From my studies, observations and relationship with the Father, He’s the real deal! He has created us in such a way that we can navigate this world and life. He has placed His Truth in our hearts so that we ALL know about Him, His standards and His Will (Rom 1:18-20)! While we live in a world that suffers from our decisions and the decisions of others, we have the power to say no and stand in love and righteousness ourselves. In other words, the evil one has no power over our spirit and soul, other than that which we give him. That’s God’s grace! We may live in a fallen and dark world, but we don’t have to succumb to it or the evil one. Our real hope is not in this fallen world and we should not live like it is. Our hope is in His kingdom- here and now within us and His eternal kingdom.

We all deserve judgment, yet He paid the price of our judgment through His sacrifice of death on the cross for our sins. Talk about love, I would never want to die, let alone such an excruciating death, for someone else’s sin. Yet the Innocent One died that death to take my sin and judgment upon His shoulders, so I could be welcomed into His family and called His child. Judged, guilty, deserving death- and yet Jesus paid my penalty! That is love! He rose from the dead, overcame the power of death and to this day and forever is our Lord. He fills us with His Spirit to guide us and empowers us with His Spirit, Truth and Love to navigate in a fallen world. He pursues us when we stumble and He pursues man until the very end of time. He will judge those who remain in their sin, and justly and rightfully so. All of His disciplines are just and are not harsh like man’s. All of His disciplines are tailored to give us a taste or distaste of our sin and a taste of His wisdom, love and forgiveness. His heart is to restore us to Himself! He does not guarantee that things will go our desired way on this earth, but He will walk it with us if we walk with Him, and He does assure us of an eternity with Him if we turn to Him.

His love is like none we have ever experienced from each other. His love is perfect and everything good. To find fault with God, shows that we don’t know Him and it exposes our own shortcomings. We have never loved Him like He loves us. Even then, if we humble ourselves and turn to our God, He is merciful to forgive. Any room for complaints about this God? I can’t find any and I’m done trying. I’m sold! I’m His!

Man is looking for Pure Love, Real Love and Perfect Love, we just never find it, because none of us is living it or giving it. We want it, we’re just not willing to live it. So, to each other, we get what we give. At times we think we find it, until we get to know them better and we get a better glimpse inside. We want to be loved, cherished and cared for, but it’s tough when we are sinned against and because of our propensity to sin against others.

Where is His love in this fallen world? It’s hard to see His love through our cold love (Mt 24:12).

Where is God in this fallen world? Actually He’s everywhere crying out to every man, trying to save man from himself before He must judge him for his dark and sinful heart. His light shines in our darkness. His Love pierces our emptiness, yet we refuse it. Our view of God should not be judged by the chaos seen on earth, that should be our wakeup call to our own depravity and our need of God. If anything, this should give us great fear of elevating ourselves in determining what is right or wrong and establishing our own judgments. Our view of God should be judged by the Love we see in His Words, the Love we see in His Care and Mercy and the Great Love of His Sacrifice and Forgiveness of our sins.

I’m here to tell you that GOD IS LOVE and always has been, even in the Old Testament. And if you don’t see it, the problem is not with God! He’s never changed- that’s what He says! He’s perfect and always has been and how do you improve on that? It’s US, it’s OUR lack of love that causes us to not see His Pure Love. Mat 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” Lord, give us that pure heart!!!

So the question to ask is not; “Where is God, or is there a God in the midst of this madness?”, the best question is; “Have I turned to God as my only hope of escape from this madness?” God’s gift has been perverted and trampled on by man. God is not missing in action; He’s missing from our hearts. We live in this world, but we are not to be of this world. Our hope is not in this body of flesh or in this world. Our hope is in the Sovereign God Who will judge this madness, the Merciful God Who forgives the repentant sinner, and the Gracious God Who will love us now and for eternity with Love we can only find in Him.

I can walk this life because He walks it with me, I have found Purpose, Hope and Love in life, all in Him. We must remember though, to experience His True Love, we must be willing to prove ours. So, What kind of God am I looking for? The One and only God Who is Perfect Love, the one that I have!!!

Amen? Amen!

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