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May 2022 Newsletter


When you are in the service of your fellow being you are in the service of your God. During a very cold December, I noticed there were not enough hats, scarves, and gloves to sell at Hope Thrift, let alone to help those in desperate need. Especially during subfreezing temperatures and snow. I contacted my family in Washington State and explained the situation. I asked them to hit the secondhand stores at least. With minimal notice, the response was touching from my family as well as their friends. As soon as my daughter told my grandchildren, they and a friend, got out hat looms and began to create hats for those in need. My heart filled with love and gratitude for their compassion. As well as love to those 100’s of miles away. When I received the collection, they made and I requested, there were over 125 hats, scarves, and gloves! No matter the ages, or where you live, thinking of the warmth of others, especially during difficult times is a true gift of giving and concern for others.

Thank you for helping those in need by showing a little bit of kindness and care for them.

With extreme gratitude,

Debbie ~ Hope Thrift


June 4th @ 11am located at 2340 Hope Road in Helmville, MT there will be a Celebration of Life for

Robert “Bob” Christensen. Food will be provided featuring a Pig Roast and side dishes. Please feel free to bring your favorite side dish if you would like. To have step by step instructions to the property email



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