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September 2023 Newsletter

Adopt a Family for Christmas is coming soon! We will begin taking applications for families in need of adoption on November 6th. If you would like to adopt a family, please get in touch with us to be paired starting November 20th. There will be more details in our next newsletter.


A Ray of Hope Learning Center

The leadership of A Ray of Hope has been seeking the Lords will for five years in the development of a family housing unit. We’d pursued many avenues, thought of many ideas, and waited on the Lord, and over the past five months the Lord moved us in a direction that will really serve our needs.

We didn’t know that we had enough room to add on behind the existing Men’s Shelter (Bob’s house) in what has been our parking area. But after some meetings with the city Planning Department, and their approval, I designed a two bay service garage, which will be our new Learning (and Serving) Center. And above the garage we are building our first two-bedroom Family apartment.

We are so excited about this development. As you can imagine at a shelter, there is constant need for repair work. Bless Joe Jelleff’s heart, I see him out in the cold, rain and snow (like a faithful mailman) working on vehicles and all manner of everything just to bless others and show the love of Jesus. Housing and teaching are two big components of our ministry, but serving others is right at the top of that list. Rest assured that if someone is sheltering with us, their vehicle most likely is in need of some tender love and care also. It brings us great joy to get people back on their feet and wheels. They are always so grateful and it’s a rewarding experience to see their gratefulness.

The solution of having a family housing unit is what started this search. Wayne Appl and I spent many hours talking and racking our brains until the Lord turned on the light. We’re slow, but we’re persistent. We have had so many situations where we’ve had to split up families between the Men and Women’s Shelters. The desire for families to remain together is so strong that very often they’ll remain homeless or in a worse situation than to be separated. I understand that need, I would seriously consider the same if in the same situation. So we are thrilled to be building a two-bedroom apartment. This will be a transitional housing unit with the goal of moving them onward and upward.

We just received our permits and hope to break ground next week. Our project was well received by the City Planning and City Council through the development process. The last Planning Board member when asked for his vote, said; “A resounding yes!” The city staff has seen over the last twenty-five plus years a good work and neighbor in A Ray of Hope. It was a real encouragement having so many city staff praising our work and commitment to those in need.

We are thankful for generous donations from Weyerhaeuser Giving, the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation and the Gianforte Foundation. We have a good portion of the funds to build this project and are moving forward in faith for the balance as we did in 2017-18 in the construction of Peggy’s House. A Ray of Hope operates according to faith and holds no mortgage or operating debt. We serve a gracious and faithful God, and believe our responsibility is to walk according to our faith.

If you have interest in helping in this project in any way, let us know. Thank you for your faith and support of this ministry, it is so encouraging. It is your encouragement and the gratefulness of our guests that keeps us going. Our society is unravelling for lack of faith, and our Father so desires us to be a beacon of hope in the storm. 1Thessalonians 5:8 says; “But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.” The darker it gets, the brighter we should shine! Amen? Amen!

Sincerely, Dave McLean- Director, A Ray of Hope


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