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A Heartfelt Goodbye-By Brie

Hey Hope family! I remember the first day I came into Peggy's house. I immediately felt a peace and comfort surrounding me the way you guys welcomed me into this home with love and understanding. It was the first place I came where it felt like people understood me and my pain. You guys know what it’s like to be put through the ringer to be at your lowest and to feel no hope. You guys also know what it is like to be redeemed to be rescued by the grace of God to be brought to A Ray of Hope. This place is a beaming ray of hope in our worst. I like to call A Ray of Hope the humble house. Being here was our chance to be humbled by the fact that we got a second chance to start again. You can’t come into this house with an entitlement issue or you won’t last long. You guys have taught me what family is and we’ve seen so many come and go. All of you guys stuck it out which means something. It means everyday you’re laying down and fighting your flesh to become the best you that you can be. This is the place that God has ordained for that.

I’m going to miss house dinners and cleaning up together after. I’m going to miss conversations in the smoking area with everyone. I’m going to miss the jokes and laughs and even the sad parts. Peggy’s house taught me how to be thankful. It taught me that God sees me and cares for me. It taught me how to give and to learn from my mistakes. It taught me accountability and how to work hard with structure. It taught me that you can have family out of friends. I love you guys this isn’t goodbye it’s see you later because I will be coming back to hangout again.

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