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Hair Day with Kacie

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mackenzie, I am currently staying at A Ray of Hope and have been for a few months. Each week we do benevolence hours which helps to pay for our rent here. I love helping out around the house and volunteering where I am needed. Which is how the idea of doing a hair makeover came about. I am a licensed hair stylist and thought that could be used in a positive way. So we reached out on a Facebook page specific to mothers. A post was made by Danika, who is also staying here and has 2 small children of her own. The moms who wanted a free hair day to send a short story about themselves and why they should be considered. We got quite a few responses but one in particular stood out. It was from Kacie M. She explained she was a busy momma with children who are not only growing up but busy themselves with summer, the upcoming school year and the many beautiful aspects of life. In addition, her son has been diagnosed with Tourette’s, her daughter has been fighting cancer and another of her daughters just became a new mom! You could say she doesn’t have much free time to get to the salon and get her hair done. Kacie was able to come by the house and we did a full color/highlight and haircut for her. It was such a great experience for us both and I now will get to be doing her family’s hair in the future. I was honored to be able to help her to have some relaxation and self care time. Kacie talked about her beautiful family and all the many triumphs they have overcome together. I was reminded of the blessings that God gives us, as well as the daily miracles all around. Kacie, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Thank you Danika for helping to make this happen. A Ray of Hope has been a life-changing opportunity for me and I am so blessed to be here.

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