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Jonathan Lopez

In late 2019, my mom, sister and I moved into A Ray of Hope after a rough move out of Hot Springs, MT. Although my sister soon moved out to college, A Ray of Hope provided a safe and organized environment for my mother and I. Rachelle and Chris made it a fun and enjoyable space with plenty of things to do and plenty of Bible study. It's not hard to keep up on benevolence hours. Hope thrift is also a wonderful place to volunteer and converse with people like Thad and Debbie. All said, a Ray of Hope is a blessing and miracle to Kalispell.

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Hello, My name is Seth Murray. In my past, I was an opiate/meth addict for close to a decade but I came to A Ray of Hope and restarted my life. I became who I am today. I am also proud to announce, I

I heard about A Ray of Hope, Peggy’s House, from my parents house when they first opened. They sent me the newspaper article about it and then would mention it more and more. As they saw me continue t

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