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Looking for Land from the Desk of Dave

A burden that has been on the hearts of the A Ray of Hope leadership for some time is to acquire five to ten acres within approximately 30 minutes of Kalispell to establish a more rural environment for training and equipping of some of our guests. We are convinced that removing some people from a city environment is so necessary in equipping them in a new lifestyle. In a rural environment we have an opportunity to teach them to grow, raise and build, teaching them to be industrious, creative and faithful with the gift of time the Lord has given them. Our goal is not to just provide temporary shelter, but to remove them from their destructive environment and habits and to place them in a Christ centered environment of teaching and productivity and caring for themselves and others.

A young schoolteacher once wrote to Abraham Lincoln asking for advice. “Work, work, work is the main thing,” Lincoln wrote back. We have a challenge keeping work in front of our guests and we have found that teaching skills and keeping those in recovery busy and focused is so fruitful to their recovery.

If you or someone you know owns land near Kalispell and is willing to donate or reduce their sales price for this project, please contact A Ray of Hope. We feel that this project has amazing potential in helping those who have desire to change, but lack the opportunity.


Dave McLean

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