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Grateful by Brittney Frehse

I’m so GRATEFUL for A Ray of Hope. Everyone deserves a chance, a second chance and even a third. I’m Brittney Frehse and I’ve been given just that through my life. A Ray of Hope didn’t see me as a 35-year old failure. They have seen me as one of God’s children and as a mother and a friend that deserves yet another chance. I had lost sight of that. I was angry, hurt and mad at the world. I didn’t want to own my part in my choices, mostly because it hurt. Well sometimes you just have to swallow hard, cry your tears, own your actions and change. You need to take to your knees and ask for forgiveness because God is a loving Father and no matter what he is always there with you. A Ray of Hope is exactly that. My life is restored. I’m surrounded by love, God and my Hope Family. I’m now living a clean life and praying to God every day. I’m closer and closer to my immediate family. My children Laihla & Lennox get to see their mom change and grow and that makes them happy. Every right choice I make brings them closer to their mom and that makes it possible for me to forgive myself. I have this amazing relationship with them and with God. He never left me. I just forgot who was really there for me when I was alone. I am so excited where I am going now in my life. I have so much help and support from everyone at A Ray of Hope. I thank all of you who have helped build A Ray of Hope from the ground up. I would like to thank Peggy & Bob who donated their home and to the blood sweat and tears that went into building this beautiful home. A home I can now call as my own. I am truly blessed and so grateful. I love being able to return some of that gratitude by volunteering back in the community at Hope Thrift, the Flathead Food Bank and the Animal Shelter. Thank you for all your support. Your loving friend, Brittney Frehse.

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