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Kamryn Turner

About 3 months ago, I was evicted and left struggling to find a place to call home for my daughter and I. I had lived at A Ray of Hope once before, about 2 years prior, so I knew I could reach out to them. When I came to apply and I explained my situation to them, Nikkia basically dropped what she was doing to do my interview. They then accepted me and asked if I had somewhere to go for a couple days until they could do my intake. The place I had to rest my head for a couple nights had fallen through and I found myself back at Ray of Hope. Although it wasn't supposed to be for another night or two, knowing I had nowhere to go, they took me in that day. I have been living here ever since. In that time I have learned accountability, gained responsibility, and Rachelle even helped me to save over 3,000 dollars! With the encouragement of the staff, I find that I have the ability to be a bit more independent and am now moving forward into my own place. I have seen A Ray of Hope give second chances and provide the opportunity for a better life for men and women struggling in this valley. I am very grateful to know the people who run this facility.

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